Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reflection On Teaching

Today I thought about why I want to be a teacher. I mean, really why I want to be a teacher.

I work in a self-contained classroom for ASD students. Now, my days are great so I am not complaining. But I just realized today, why I keep coming back. Regardless of how many times I get hit, scratched, spit on and a list of other things; I can honestly say I love my students. If I didn't care about these students, then I wouldn't come back, believe me.

So the reason why I want to be a teacher: because I love so intensely and greatly. I fall in a protective and nurturing love with my students and I want to help in any way possible. That's why I keep coming back to my classroom everyday and why I am making this my career. I guess my heart is my only great talent in life or gift because I am not extraordinary in any other way. I just have a love for people.


  1. That is the passion that is required of this job! Hopefully you will be a little less banged up by your future students.

  2. My favorite line is where you say, "I fall...in love..." Teaching, especially the kind of teaching you are doing takes that kind of devotion every day. Thank you for choosing to do it!