Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I wanted to try writing a poem and I knew acrostic poems were fairly simple. Poetry has always been such a mystery to me because it just seems to come at you from nowhere and then make sense. So here is my attempt at answering what makes me think of happiness. This topic or theme sprung up because I watched a documentary the other night with my boyfriend on happiness. It researched what made us happy and how we determine true happiness. And then I thought about what makes me happy.

Having loved and being loved
Appreciating those simple moments
Photographs of memories
Pictures in your mind
Ice cream running down your mouth
Naps in the afternoon
Extraordinary moments in time
Sealed in a capsule
Stolen in time


  1. I love poetry and I I love this! I I especially like "extraordinary moments in time, sealed in a capsule, stolen in time." That is beautiful imagery. I also LOVE afternoon naps, so this truly resonates!

  2. Love your attempt at poetry...think you have inspired me to do a happiness poem