Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reflection: Early Packing

            Preparing to move is a process, a really long and painful process. Today I had to start packing up some of my belongings that I would not be using often, like some books, picture frames and old school supplies. Over the years I hadn’t noticed how much “stuff” I had kept that was just junk. Sitting in my closet gathering dust, this stuff had to be sorted into piles. I had to sort out what I was keeping and what I was tossing. That was until I found a shoe box full of old birthday, holiday and thank you cards that I had saved over the years. I paused to look through.
            Some cards I opened went back as far as my middle school years. I had cards my father wrote in before he passed away. I had cards from friends I hadn’t talked to in years and some that I don’t know what became of them. I found my first Valentine’s card from my boyfriend that he hand-made. As I rummaged through the cards and the memories, I let out some tears and felt so much more change coming my way. I am moving to a new place. Starting a new chapter for my education in the fall. And with all of these changes coming ahead, it was nice to look back for a couple of moments and remember. I closed that box and packed it. I am ready for change. 

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  1. I still have a handmade Valentine from fourth grade! Change is scary and exciting! Moving is hard!